Thursday, March 3, 2011

And so it begins. Ireland adventure take 2. This time my mom is with me. This time I was smart and planned for a longer trip. This time I will make a loop around all of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I'm currently standing next to an outlet in JFK airport as my phone charges. I'm hoping to sleep on the flight to Dublin rather than play on my phone but just in case I'd like to know it's fully charged.

Already there's been excitement on the trip. Upon arriving at the gate at JFK we were told there would be a short delay before deplaning for a small security issue. After seeing cops as soon as we got off the plane I figured somebody was going to get a special escort off the plane. Sure enough the two guys from the very back row of the plane were being escorted away in handcuffs. A few minutes later I saw someone who looked very familiar. She was wearing sunglasses in the airport. Not a very good cover for a girl who was up for an Oscar just a few days earlier. Michelle Williams passed by my mother and me with her cute little girl. I still get sad when I think about that little girl's father (Heath Ledger) being gone.

A couple more hours until my flight. There's an Irish Pub in this section of the airport. I'm tempted to grab a Guinness before I go so I can remember how much better it's going to taste in Ireland tomorrow.

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